Where Sport meets…Village: new challenges for Sport Events

Innovation in Action” was the theme of six days of meetings, conferences and top-level networking at SportAccord Convention 2017 in Aahaus in Denmark.

Its aim is to drive positive change internationally and create a great opportunity of engagement and connection among rights holders, organizing committees, cities, press and media, businesses and other organizations involved in the development of sport.

The SportAccord Convention’s stakeholders represent more than 100 International Sports Federations and organize their Annual General Assemblies at the SportAccord Convention.


We debated and shared opinions and know-how on how the sport world can evolve globally in the future.

A collaborative spirit between key decision-makers in sport has characterized the Convention and we discovered the best practices from industry thought-leaders.

We are ready for new challenges in sport events, thanks to this great opportunity at SportAccord Convention 2017.

See you in April 2018 for the next edition of Sport Accord Convention in Bangkok, Thailand!


Photo by: Getty Images – SportAccord Convention 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark