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Consulting and Management of highly complex International and Multicultural Systems with Accommodation for Global, Cultural and Sporting Events.

We are a young company with strong expertise in hospitality and management of complex international environments working inside Global Events. Our headquarters are in Italy and the USA. Village is an important point of reference for Global Cultural and Sporting Events, aiming to develop the relationship between the event concept, the participants and the visitors.

Most of us planned and experienced the unforgettable adventure of Expo Milano 2015 managing Expo Village, where 5,000 delegates coming from 130 countries lived together for 10 months.

We supported the planning and some direct management of the Event Accommodation for the 24th General Conference of International Council of Museums in 2016. We are now consulting with the Expo Village for Expo Astana 2017, Expo Dubai 2020 and other important Sporting Events.

Our history has given us the energy and the passion to build the future and to face new challenges. We consider ourselves the ideal partner for coordinating, with success, the hospitality, the services and the temporary accommodation for International Sport and Not-Sport Events.

Business as a creative community: this idea leads us during the selection and training of our collaborators as well as in our daily work with clients. Our staff is truly international and we count on the collaboration of our wide group of specialists from all over the world, always ready to work with our team with passion, strength and resolution.

Thanks to our strong network and deep understanding of the university world, we are easily able to find new people with different technical, cultural and linguistic competences.

Our membership

  Our history

Village was born from the perfect mix of the different competences of its staff in Event Management, Sport, Youth, Accommodation, together with a strong knowledge of Psychology, Creative Thinking, Project Management and Problem Solving developed over the years during the management of International Events and Accommodation Systems.

Village derives its background from Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi, a non-profit institution supported by all Milan Universities, principle important Italian Public Institutions and some international companies as Bracco, Edison, Intesa San Paolo, Mediaset, Pirelli & C.

Our staff

We have a close group of managers with a long expertise in Event and Accommodation Management.
Thanks to our international connections with universities, institutions and the business world, we select personnel with specific expertise fit to meet the events needs and its features.


Stefano Blanco

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Stefano’s involvement in Global Event Management began a long time ago: World Youth Day in Paris 1994, European Lands of Adventure, Jubilee in Rome 2000, Scout Eurojam in the UK 2005 and most recently, Expo Milano 2015 where he served as Expo Village Managing Director.

He has comprehensive competence in the highly complex accommodation systems, using a smart creative approach to design and implement innovative services in international contexts.

He has been developing his career as a Manager in International Organizations and since 2008, he has also been working as the General Director of Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi.


Silvia Pasolini

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Silvia is a Labor and Organization psychologist with strong knowledge in Human Resources and Project Management. With her capacity and instinct she has become an excellent problem and solution solver in Multicultural and International Event contexts.

She also has an expert experience in the field of sports. She is a professional equestrian jumper. She also works as a psychologist with youngsters training in professional sport clubs.

Silvia was in charge of the entire management of Expo Village as Project Manager during Expo Milano 2015.


Filippo Galli

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Filippo Galli was born in 1963 in Monza, near to Milan, Italy. He started playing football very young and his life is inextricably linked to AC Milan team, in which he diligently began training, first in the Youth Sector to finally earn a place in the First Team, a prestige he enjoyed from 1983 to 1996. He won 12 titles, 3 Champions Leagues titles and 2 Intercontinental Cups. He also realized a dream playing in a UK team.

For more than 10 years, he was the Director of the Youth Sector of AC Milan and developed a new and innovative methodology on the international scene of contemporary football: an integrative and collaborative approach characterized by new skills for the achievement of goals in life and sport.

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