Innovative solutions to create a unique accommodation experience and to guarantee your event success.

Is it possible to transform anonymous buildings into a village so that people can feel “at home”?

How can we facilitate the creation of a temporary community among people coming from all over the world, living together during the Event?

At Village we have found the answer. Our brand evokes our ambition: a neutral accommodation becoming a village, a non-place becoming home, strangers becoming a community whether for short-term or long-term period.

Working for international events, we have developed an innovative organizational and managerial model to reach this goal and we have acquired a specific expertise for events connected to three areas:


Thanks to our work with Expo Shanghai 2010 and our direct management of Expo Village at Expo Milano 2015, we have gained a deeper understanding of the work processes of the Bureau International des Expositions.


We have a lot of experience providing psychological and organizational support to sports teams and in sporting events.


We have been working with students, universities and student housings every day for years. It’s our biggest business.

  • Planning
    Big International Events need detailed planning for each aspect of the Event and good foresight regarding the possible conflicts and problems that can evolve.
    We begin the first phase analyzing and evaluating the context of the Event, taking into consideration the host country, the Event itself and the stakeholders involved to individualize objectives, strategies and resources. With this, we then define the Masterplan with the goal of reaching the Event’s success.

  • Active listening
    We stand by your side; always available to listen and try to meet the needs of the guests, organizers, partners and stakeholders: before, during and after the event adapting our services to your expectations and guaranteeing satisfaction.
    Our daily mission is to create an on-going relationship with all the participants, making each and everyone feel like they are “at home”.

  • Step by step approach
    A meticulous analysis and drafting of all necessary procedures is essential for the success of any complex event. Village understands that every Event is different and every participant contributes to its evolution. The staff at Village is able to adapt and modify services and regulations all along the way, meeting the needs of each specific community.
    During the event, we manage and supervise all processes until the Event’s closure. Using a problem-solving oriented approach, we regularly monitor strengths and weaknesses, achievements and failures.

  • Training
    We strongly believe in the talent of our staff. We provide continuous training for the whole life cycle of the event. Village cares about all the technical and operational competences, but we believe that it is essential to improve all the soft skills necessary for the management of an international community.

  • Human Resources Policies
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