What we learnt at Eventex 2017

“ Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn ”

We came back from Eventex 2017 in Dublin with this famous Chinese proverb clear in mind and with the desire to put this idea in our daily work for your events.

Since few years, Eventex is an important meeting for people working in the event industry. It gathers meetings & events planner, designer, or producer, destination and venue manager, marketing, PR, communication or hospitality professionals and offer masterclasses on all the most relevant challenges of the organization of international events.

Eventex made us broaden our horizons with unexpected perspectives. Through different activities suggestions and several opportunities to discuss with key players of the industry, we get innovative ideas on how to maximize event ROI, prepare a bid to promote destination and local resources of a city, to improve user experience using new techniques to design events, to create significant content to promote in the best way your event.

Sharing ideas and best practices with professionals of Event industry has been inspiring and exciting.

We are now back, to offer the best solutions for the success of your event, to involve all participants enhancing their event and living experience!


Photo by: eventphotographer2017.com for Eventex Dublin 2017