Village is a partner for the development of AC Milan Academy in Italy and worldwide.

Village works with AC Milan to promote Rosso – Nero values among young players all around the world, starting from the AC Milan Academy style and methodology.
During AC Milan Junior Camp, you will have the opportunity to practice the newest and most innovative training methods of the AC Milan Academy, improving your abilities and uncovering new talents.
You will have access to the variability of the game and to video analysis of training sessions, you will learn about correct nutrition and maintenance of good health, football history and rules, and finally, you will learn fair play in life and in sport.

Your home during the camp will be in a comfortable accommodation right next to your football pitch, with a competent and prepared staff at your disposal. The team coaches will be lead by an AC Milan Technical Director while a Youth Coordinator, specialized in child education, will be responsible for all aspects of the children’s experience beyond football training.
The camp participants with the highest performance will have the extraordinary opportunity to attend AC Milan Camp Day, where young players from all around the world will meet together once a year at the AC Milan Academy in Milan for an unforgettable period of tournament and friendship.
At the end of the AC Milan Junior Camp experience, each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement from the Technical Director of AC Milan Academy.

Village is a supporter and partner of Peace and Sport, an international organization which promotes sport as a tool for social development and cooperation.
Through our activities, you will explore Peace and Sport projects and you will contribute, first hand, to their realization.



AC Milan Junior Camp 2019

Astana, Kazakhstan, June 4 – 10, 2019; more info; discover the football pitch; Registration Form Astana
(MI), Italy, City Camp September 2-6, 2019.
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All girls and boys, between the ages of 7-14, who love to play football, are welcome to participate in the AC Milan Junior Camp: this is the heart of the Rosso – Nero spirit!


For further information please contact or by phone +39 02 87158076.

For further information for Russian and Kazakh speakers please contact 95-44-42/ Mobile phone: +77719886164.


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