Village @ Peace and Sport Forum

Village is proud for taking part to the tenth edition of Peace and Sport Forum.

Peace and Sport is a neutral worldwide organization using sport and its values as an instrument for peace, for example, to reinsert child soldiers back into society, to help war orphans rebuild their self-confidence, to reintegrate refugees and facilitate access to education.

The use of sport as a pedagogic tool has motivated the international sports movement into tangible action.

Last week, in Monaco, during the Forum, Village took part in three days of insight, knowledge sharing and meaningful discussionwith  ministers from more than 15 countries came together to discuss how best to work collaboratively to use sport as a tool for peace.

Peace and Sport Founder and President, Joël Bouzou, showed how peace-through-sport projects could offer to nations diplomatic sport-based solutions.

Also Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus took part to the Forum, discussing openly the key role sport has to play in the global peace movement, and how best athletes, international federations, sports properties and NGOs can work to ensure a more conflict-free society.

Former Afghanistan women’s football team captain, Khalida Popal, was the winner at the Peace and Sport International Awards, taking home the 2017 Champion of the Year Award. Other highlights included an organised meeting of more than 40 Champions for Peace, and a Run for Peace through the streets of Monaco.

Peace and Sport President and Founder, Joël Bouzou, said:

“This has been an incredible three days, full of learning, sharing and energy. The desire for change and world peace among the people who have attended the Forum this year has been incredible. I want to thank everyone for their meaningful input, and I am excited to build upon the foundations that have been laid here.

The Forum is a very special moment for me, and I am so happy to share it with you all. Peace and Sport continues to go from strength to strength, and this Forum has surely been one of the greatest ever. Together, we’re committed to driving change around the world, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Thank you all.”


Offering its long-established expertise in hospitality management connected to international sports events worldwide and in facilitating multicultural cohabitation, Village will take part to drive change.