Selection and training

We select and train people who have strong inter-relational qualities. Those who are qualified and trained to face and confront all types of situations, including the most critical ones. All with the aim of creating a positive living atmosphere.

The staff is not only able to speak different languages, but have a deep understanding of the cultures and habits of people from all over the world.

Furthermore, we also recruit specialist personnel with extensive experience in Event Management, following your request and needs, to coordinate your accommodation project and staff.

Our recruiting and training services:

Consulting for hospitality services

We do the consultancy for every step of your event, finding the best strategies to develop the Event Accommodation and Hospitality of an international community.

We take care of the planning and monitoring of every process, guaranteeing the success of the Event.

Our mission is to stand by your side for any challenge in your event accommodation system, supporting the creation of the residential offer, defining all services, procedures and guidelines.

We can support the event organizer and also the accommodation and hospitality suppliers respecting the specific dynamics of the Event, giving specific advice on event accommodation management.

Our expertise in hospitality includes:

Event accommodation management

Our mission is to identify and offer the best solutions for the planning and management of every kind of Event Village.

We create customized solutions for temporary residential systems all around the world, analyzing the specific features of each event to be able to create a unique and coherent accommodation system that answers all guests’ needs, accompanying them all throughout their stay.

At Village, we work daily to allow the guests to find their “home away from home” all around the world.

We offer them services and facilities with the highest standards, respecting their privacy and relaxation. We also create pleasant events to enhance their “event experience” and facilitate meetings with other people from different cultures.

We develop a network with local entities concerning activities and hospitality services to be provided.

Our work

At Village, we stand by your side to help you make your International Event or Venture the greatest yet.

We plan and design comfortable experiences that will facilitate the cohabitation of a multicultural community.

We take charge of the strategic and practical management of any international venture, creating a place of relaxation, where the relationship with the local behavior is our daily mission.

Our staff will offer high quality services aiming to create “a home away from home”, and always guaranteeing high professionalism in the entire consultancy and management process, including crisis management.