TECHNICAL STAGE for Coaches and Staff
of Differing Categories and Skills Level

Coach different, win more

Are you thinking of being part of tomorrow’s football of the future?

Comprehensive Creative Approach (CCA)
An integrated method as the answer to football’s formative, global challenge of the future.

 Comprehensive because football is the team.

 Creative because football is play.

because each idea comes  to life in context.

Our vision focus on the knowledge of the Game and of the Athlete, on the Management Skills and Interpersonal and Communicative Skills and the last but not the least on the
first-hand exploration of football of the future.
Win through conviction is the secret behind every success.

Choose the program most suited to you:

 Explore – 3 Days – Focus on Comprehensive;
 Play – 5 Days – Focus on Creative;
 Win – 7 Days – Focus on Global,  Integrated and Situational.

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Filippo Galli
played Central Defence position in a stellar AC Milan Team, winning 17 titles of which were Champions League and 2 Intercontinental Cups. He has experience in the role of Director of Youth Sector of the AC Milan. He expanded CCA methodology with a working team consisting of Edgardo Zanoli, Domenico Gualtieri and Silvia Pasolini who, together, design and manage the technical stage.

DATES 2019
March (18, 26) & April (1,9) 18.00 – 22.30
Vermezzo (MI), Italy: Lev.1 – Explore

April (27, 28, 29)
Dubai, UAE: Lev.1 – Explore

June (7, 8, 9)
Astana, Kazakhstan: Lev.1 – Explore

Singapore: Lev. 3 – Win

Dubai, UAE: Lev.2 – Play

DATES 2020
January – March: Novara, “Siamo tutti convocati”
July: Dubai, UAE

CONTACT; +39 02 87158076
Monday/Friday 09.00-18.00 (GTM+1)

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