Neither red, nor yellow, just white cards for everybody

Village in collaboration with Academy A.C. Milan, celebrated the International Day for Sport and Development on 6 April at Serina (Bergamo).

Lots of children participated at the event at A.S.D. Serina pitch trying to score goals, playing games and having fun together. Filippo Galli, Head of Youth Sector A.C. Milan Academy and ex footballer, involved boys and girls to a special football game and explained the fairplay in life and sport disclosing sport values.

At the end of the event, everybody took photos with the #WhiteCard, the symbol of peace, inclusion, tolerance and sport in the world, the opposite of Red Card, which represents a serious offence and expulsion of the player from the game.

Filippo Galli words were so significant for young players, as he said that celebrating the International Day for Sport and Development with the #White card remembers how football represents entertainment and at the same time delight staying with friends. A.C. Milan grew champions as Calabria, Locatelli, Donnarumma and Cutrone with fairplay techniques in life and sport.

Stefano Blanco, CEO Village, focused on the importance of sport as international activity, where boys and girls from all around the world can find a peaceful reality and pursuit their own limits, being part of a community based on fair competition, team spirit and life training.